Trois Noix Napa wine bottles lined up in a row showcasing the portfolio.

Our Wines

Trois Noix was born out of a lifelong love of wine – not only what ends up in the bottle, but also how it got there, what happens when it fills your glass, and how it can bring a table of people together.

Trois Noix began as a collaboration with amazingly talented friends who happened to be fabulous winemakers and grape growers, with the goal of making fresh and precise wines of time and place. Standing on that foundation today, we are a bridge between “Established Napa” and “Next Napa,” holding onto that sense of place while inviting as many people as we can to revel with us in our shared love of wine.

While we love to push the boundaries of convention, our palates still have a classical bent. We make serious Napa wine that is enjoyable and pleasurable right now – fresh, precise, and approachable with structure to last.

Our Pillars


Trois Noix wines are made with a spirit of collaboration – from within our team, to our grape growers and our partners further afield. We support initiatives within our local community and the world at large.


The curiosity, talent, and agility of our small team  allows us to push the boundaries of convention to create outstanding wines of great value while we work toward systemic change in the wine industry.


We are on a continuous quest to make outstanding, delicious wines and share them with as many people as we can. We are dedicated to creating opportunities within the wine industry for members of communities who have been historically underserved and under-represented.

Taste Trois Noix Wines

At historic Wheeler Farms in St. Helena, you can enjoy the quintessential Napa Valley wine experience overlooking stunning vineyards and an unobstructed view of Mount St. Helena.

We source from biodynamic, organic, and sustainable vineyards.

It’s our responsibility to be good stewards of the land where our delicious fruit is cultivated. Our vineyard partners are committed to the environment and we work as a team to implement best practices ensuring sustainability for both the planet and its people. Becoming Napa Green Winery Certified has been a great way for us to cement these practices for the long term.

Join the club!

Membership in the Trois Noix wine club not only guarantees you’ll have our Napa wine delivered directly to your front door, it also gives you discounts on all your additional wine purchases, and grants you access to exclusive releases and perks reserved for members only.