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Trois Noix Wine
Trois Noix Wine
trois noix (twah nwah) noun:
1. French for ‘three nuts.’ 2. The three kids that inspired a wine label.

Connection fuels us — it forms our foundation and our purpose. We exist because of the amazing people that boundlessly share their talent, curiosity, and inspiration so that we can create outstanding wines that turn strangers into friends and make community feel like family.

– Jaime Araujo, Founder/Vintner


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Trois Noix was born out of a lifelong love of wine – not only what ends up in the bottle, but also how it got there, what happens when it fills your glass, and how it can bring a table to life and people together. The magic of wine – from making it to sharing it – is as a conduit to connection.

The Trois Noix wines are made in collaboration with amazingly talented friends who also happen to be fabulous winemakers and grapegrowers. Together we sleuth out compelling wines and grapes that might otherwise go neglected. These components then begin their own collaboration as we assemble the blends for the final wines. While we love to push the boundaries of convention – our palates still have a classical bent. Our mantra is serious wines that are enjoyable and pleasurable right now: elegant, polished, and approachable but with structure to last.


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After more than half my life spent in the UK and France, I returned to the USA in 2016 to become a partner in my family’s new wine venture. Although I was (and am) thrilled to be part of the family business, I felt that if I was going to return to California – to the Napa wine world – I was also going to need to have something of my own – a project that could reflect my personality and what I loved most about wine: people and community. My brother Greg helped to get this new venture started, and we named it after our three collective children (three “peanuts”). As the vision of Trois Noix started becoming reality, we changed gears amicably and I took the helm of this new wine venture on my own. So now when people ask me if I’m a little bit nuts, I can honestly reply, “you have no idea…..“!

The other amazing people who help to make Trois Noix live and sing include Stefan Copiz, the intensely talented designer and artist who created the graphic identity of the bottles and labels, and Meghan Zobeck, the brilliant woman who takes charge in the cellars as our consulting winemaker. The amazing staff at Wheeler Farms are also there to share the wines with our visitors and are all incredible ambassadors for Trois Noix. Just like children, wine takes a village!

Trois Noix Wine Stefan Copiz

Stefan Copiz

Trois Noix Wine Meghan Zobeck

Meghan Zobeck


Friends and food and adventures, oh my!
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