May 2022 Club Shipment

We’ve been teased with rain showers here and there in the Napa Valley, but most days are filled with warm temperatures and sunshine. For your May club shipment the theme is “bring these wines to the pool or patio”! We are so excited for you to try our new Rosé of Pinot Noir in this shipment which is bursting with energy, and we’ve included the 2020 Chardonnay and Sauvignon Blanc to keep you stocked for the hot days ahead. You will also find the very last of the 2018 Cabernet Franc; we are incredibly sad to be almost sold out of this wine but it was THAT good that it was only around for 6 months!

This Rosé represents the very first release from the 2021 vintage. You won’t be able to get enough of the orange peel, cherry and floral components of this wine, which will awaken your palate with its juiciness and bright acidity. A perfect pairing for summer salads and grilled seafood.

If you’ve tried the 2020 Sauvignon Blanc from the last shipment you probably agree that this is the best vintage yet! We adore the floral notes that the Musque clone adds, and the crisp citrus acidity comes alive on the palate. The 2020 Chardonnay continues to impress with its elegance and freshness. What a stunner from the Muir Hannah Vineyard! Scroll down for an amazing summer pairing recipe.

We are still obsessed with the 2018 Cabernet Franc and will miss it when it’s completely sold out. Enjoy this wine when you have some burgers or ribeyes on the grill, you will be delighted how well the silky smooth tannins pair with these dishes.

Please send us a note or tag us on Instagram (@troisnoixwine) or Facebook when you taste the wines, and let us know what you think!

Team Trois Noix

Mango Grapefruit Seafood Ceviche with Fresh Tostadas
to pair with
2020 Trois Noix Chardonnay

Here’s the recipe!

Notes about the 2021 Vintage

The 2021 growing season in Napa and Sonoma counties will be remembered by its exceptional quality and concentration of flavor. While there was hardly any rainfall in the late winter and spring months, this led to a moderate crop load on the vines that required less management to promote flavor. Heat spikes in the summer months were infrequent which allowed the small clusters and berries to ripen at a steady pace. A slightly earlier harvest than average, the 2021 Trois Noix wines are highly aromatic and rich in flavor and structure.

Here are some songs from the team inspired by thoughts of summertime fast approaching!

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