About Us

My family has been making world-class wines in Napa Valley for over 25 years, first at Araujo Estate, and now at Accendo Cellars. However, upon returning to Napa Valley to become a vintner, I knew that I wanted to create a wine that would reflect my personality, and what I loved most about wine: people and community.

Trois Noix Wines

The name “Trois Noix,” which means “Three Nuts,” is an homage to the next generation of Araujos, my love of France, and the memories I made there as a young woman in the world of wine.

But more than that, “Trois Noix” is about community and collaboration, curiosity and innovation, and using wine as a vector for change.

The other amazing people who help to make Trois Noix live and sing include Trevor Smith, our incredibly talented winemaker who helps us craft our delicious wines; Michael Sommer, the sales and industry veteran responsible for the growth and expansion of Trois Noix; and Alisha Sommer, director of e-commerce and head storyteller. The amazing staff at Wheeler Farms are also there to share the wines with our visitors and are all incredible ambassadors for Trois Noix.

Just like children, wine takes a village!

We’re passionate about everything we do.

From grape to bottle to your glass, we do everything with care, keeping sustainability in mind.

We believe that wine should be for all.

Wine is meant to bring us together. We want a more inclusive industry. Let’s have more people at the table.

We appreciate everything real.

You’ll see us in dirty jeans and unbrushed hair. Transparency is key to us. You get the real us, all the time.

We know what we’re talking about.

Between the four of us are a handful of degrees, wine certifications, and years of industry experience.

Our mantra is serious wines that are enjoyable and pleasurable right now: elegant, polished, and approachable but with structure to last.

Less is more.

Just as we let nature do as much of the work as possible in the vineyard, we try to let the wine take the lead once it’s in tank and barrel. We like to take a “less is more” approach to winemaking, using native yeasts whenever possible.

We believe our job is to guide the wine to its greatest and truest expression. Our hope is that our gentle yet attentive approach allows the wines to have a voice of their own.

Collaboration is key.

The Trois Noix wines are made in collaboration with amazingly talented friends who also happen to be fabulous winemakers and grapegrowers. Together we sleuth out compelling wines and grapes that might otherwise go neglected. These components then begin their own collaboration as we assemble the blends for the final wines. While we love to push the boundaries of convention, our palates still have a classical bent.

Taste it for yourself.

You can find us at Wheeler Farms. After arriving at our historic property, you’ll enjoy a stroll through the estate gardens, followed by a tour and a bird’s eye view of our state-of-the-art winemaking facility. Enjoy a four wine flight from a selection of limited production bottlings while overlooking the vineyards.